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Aloha, from the beautiful island of Maui! While you are here, make sure you book a moped or scooter. It's is great way to get a tan and see the sights on the beautiful island of Maui "

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Riding a scooter or moped is an activity in which you do by yourself or with a loved one. You are going to love it! We give you full instructions before you go, and we have free helmets to keep you safe. YOU WILL LOVE RIDING A MOPED or Scooter IN MAUI. A day on a moped was voted #1 "Must-Do" activity on Maui for two years in a row (2009-10). Scooter Town offers you this bit of friendly advice, buy your Maui vacation Moped rental directly from Maui Moto. Locations throughout Maui.

Maui Scooter RentalOn Maui, we are close to all Maui Hotels and the Maui airport, just hop in your rental car and check our Map, for fastest directions.

The moped is an activity in which you do by yourself or with a loved one. We give you full instructions before you go, and we have free helmets and locks to keep you safer.

If this is your first time, relax - riding a moped is fun & easy! First: All you need is a drivers licence and you need to be at least 16 years old. There cannot be anyone on the bike but you. Luckily we have plenty of scooters to rent out! They all come with a loud horn so other riders can hear you coming. They all come with a lock and helmet, along with storage under the seat. Always keep both feet on the ground and the break on when starting the bike. Next, place both your hands on the handlebars, feet on the ground, pull the break, push the start button and slowly squeeze the throttle with the first two fingers of your right hand.

As you begin, we recommend practice making turns at slow speed around the parking lot until you are comfortable with the sensation of your weight shifting with the moped. Stay inside the parking lot while you practice and avoid other cars, and curbs.

Safety Tip: Always stay on the right side of the road and in the bike lane as much as safely possible. Only drive in the road when you absolutely need to and be aware that street lights will not change for you, so get behind a car if possible. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings at all times when you are riding your moped. If possible, go out on the road with a friend so that you will have help in case of an emergency.

A complete lesson and safety briefing is given. Everyone must wear a helmet. Your rental time won't begin until you start your machine. There is no rush, no hurry. Rental time begins when you start your machine. Anyone can do it, its fun and safe.

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What is a moped?

Mopeds are a type of low-powered motorcycle designed to provide economical and relatively safe transport with minimal licensing requirements.

Is it safe to ride?

You CAN be injured by riding a moped. Moped's are relatively safe, but because they are so much fun, people tend to forget their safety so be careful. Scooter Town mandates that you wear a helmet for saftey, be aware of your surroundings - always look right and left as you ride - and most importantly, be safe & have fun! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INJURIES AND DAMAGE TO YOUR MOPED RENTAL.

Can you have two people on one moped?

That is a really good question. Unfortunately, riding more then one person on a 50cc moped is illegal. The moped is dangerous when you have more then one person on it at one time. It is important that you do not do this. The weight capacity is bad for the bike and harmful to you. We want you to be safe and have fun! But we do also rent 150 cc mopeds with a motorcycle licence and you can have a person on the back with anything larger then a 50 cc!

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